Olivia Elena Thornton. You may call me Liv.

19 years old, headed to Northwood University.

Noah. He's my prince ♥ He is also the father of my daughter, Josie.

He'd settle for being Peter Pan if it meant that he got his lost girl

Princess Olivia
And they lived happily ever after.
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And Liv & Noah lived happily ever after. The End.

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Finally remembered my info for this account and basically was sobbing for an hour.

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Text to Liv 

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Text to Liv 

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Ignore it, c’mon love, it’s just gossip girl trying to get under your skin

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Endlessly | Nolivia 


Even though he had been the one to ask her if she wanted to get out of the Community Centre for a bit, he didn’t really know where they would go. Businesses were closed down, there was still rubble and broken pieces of buildings on the ground. Cleaning teams had started to move things, but there was an entire city to clean up. And then there was the rebuilding, and nobody knew how long that was going to take. Everything about the future of Northwood was up in the air. Hell, where they would be going right now was up in the air. All Noah knew was that he wanted to get out of the place. Even if it was just for a little bit, be alone, and be with Liv and just…just that. As soon as he saw his face broke out into a grin, the same one he always got when she was involved. She approached him and he was momentarily surprised with the way she kissed him. It lasted for half a second though, before his hands had found her waist and he kissed her back. Smiling when she pulled away, his eyes opening after she had spoke, he tilted his head to the side. “That was a nice greeting.” Noah patted his pocket one last time just before her hand found his, and he lifted their linked hands to his lips, kissing the back of hers. “Couldn’t have said it better myself.” He shot her a smile before starting to walk, taking a path that he wasn’t exactly sure where it led, but it had at least been partially cleared. “Careful.” He said softly, hand resting on her lower back to guide her around what looked like a chunk of building that had fallen off from…somewhere. “You know, it’s kinda nice to have you alone. Even if we are just walking nowhere in particular. I missed this.”

Being outside in the balmy warm air, Liv instantly felt refreshed and a whole lot better. Especially because she was with Noah. With the day she’d had, she needed him holding her hand and holding her close. It was the most comforting gesture, and she knew he had no idea how much she needed those every now and again. With all the pressure, the fear of not knowing what was even going to happen to the school; would they all be sent home? She’d be sent back to New York, and Noah….Noah wouldn’t be with her. Suddenly, she felt the need to grip his hand tighter as they walked; holding onto him. She needed him, they couldn’t be separated. Not now. Not after their house had been almost all destroyed; not after Guppy. Snapping out of her thoughts, Liv smiled up at him; his smile warming her tummy in the usual butterfly back flip way. His smile was one of her favorite features, hands down. “I thought so,” She shot back, a grin turning up her lips as they walked. Just looking at all the total destruction made her sick, this had been their home for four+ years and now it was mostly rubble. Speaking of, Noah helped guide her around a large chunk of it as they walked and she sighed. It was a total mess. They’d all been assigned clean up or planning, and she’d gotten clean up. But she got to be with Luke, so that would be fine. The only thing she worried about was Noah being paired up with Annabel. “Trust me, I know. It feels like we’ve  been constantly surrounded by people for nearly a week and honestly this feels so good,” She murmured her agreement, kissing the back of his hand as they walked in the general direction of the beach. One small comfort; despite the earthquake, most of the beach remained rubble free. “So we got assigned to jobs this week,” She commented, raising an eyebrow. “Uh I got Luke, so that’s cool,” Liv smiled, wondering if he’d read who he’d been paired up with.

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